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Schoolgirl Role Play

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Description: Renee walks over to a stool carrying a hitachi taking a seat, she’s wearing a a long sleeve crop top, a tartan skirt and white socks. She says I found this holding up the hitachi and I wanna see what it does. She lifts her skirt a little and we can see she isn’t wearing panties. She turns sideways and says do you like my outfit.? I just got off school. She stands up and shakes her ass in the skirt then bends over a little to show off her ass and pussy lip’s saying Oops then sitting down again. Renee grabs her tit over the top of her crop top saying I forgot a bra today too. You wanna see? As she pulls up her skirt again giving us another peek this time we can see pubic hair. She lifts her top showing off her little titties and pale pink nipples saying I know I’m naughty as she grabs her tits and flashes her pubes again saying I guess I forgot panties as well. You think this will feel good? She turns around in her seat and lifts her skirt showing off her ass to the camera then turns back facing the camera. She ask Are you jealous of the stool? I bet. She turns the hitachi on and says Ok should I put it down here? Then pushes it against her pussy over the top of her skirt. She gasps and moans with pleasure as it vibes her clit. She exclaims Oh my god. Fuck. It feels so good as she holds her breast. She says You wanna see huh? Oh my god I’m being such a naughty schoolgirl as she lifts her skirt and spreads her legs showing her beautiful pussy and her landing strip while vibing it with her hitachi. She softly moans Oh, fuck me. Then says Yeah daddy you like that. You like seeing me being naughty like this. Playing with my little pussy. Oh fuck. She takes the hitachi away for a second and spreads her pussy lips saying Do you like how pink it is daddy? Then goes back to using the hitachi. She says It makes me want that dick. She licks her fingers and slips them inside her pussy and fingers herself saying Do you love seeing me finger my little pussy like that? You love how naughty that is don’t you? She rocks her hips against her finger and the hitachi saying It makes me want that dick. She lifts her top more to give us a better view of her tits while she continues to use the hitachi on her clit and asks Are you stroking that cock for me? It feels so good on my little pussy. It makes me want that hard dick so bad. You wanna see a dick inside me? It cuts to Renee holding both her hitachi and a blue dildo. She says Look what I found. She rests the dildo up against her pussy lips then slides it into her wet pussy saying It’s so big for me. She fucks herself with the dildo while still using the hitachi on her clit as she says You wish that big cock was yours? Fucking my little pussy like that? Fuck me. That feels so good. She stops for a moment to take her top off saying See my little titties. Then going back to fucking that little red pussy with her dildo and blasting her clit with the hitachi. Renee says You like seeing me be a naughty girl for you? Taking that nice cock. As she breathes deeply. It cuts to her standing up fucking her pussy with that dildo then bringing back the hitachi. She says Guck me. That feels so good and making her moan and groan louder. She says Oh baby fuck me. Fucking drive that big cock into my little pussy like that as she thrusts the dildo into her pussy faster and faster then quickly pulling it out as she squirts a little. We then cut to her fucking herself again using the hitachi as she says I love taking that big fat cock. Oh fuck that’s gonna make me cum. Oh my god that’s gonna make me cum. She keeps fucking her pussy until she explodes in a big orgasm. It cuts to Renee sitting on the floor legs spread with the dildo inside her pussy as she is buzzing her clit with the hitachi as she moans in pleasure. She rocks back and forth on the floor saying Yeah daddy, I love that fucking cock in my little pussy. We cut to her on her back on the floor with her legs in the air spread giving us a great view of her asshole as she vibes her clit and plows her pussy whimpering and moaning. She says Oh my god. Yes. You wanna fuck that little pussy don’t you. You wanna make my pussy cream. She pulls the dildo out and puts it straight back in as she whimpers and says My poor little pussy you’re just destroying her. That dick is so fucking big. Fuck yes. You love making me cum don’t you. You’re gonna make me cum hard baby. She thrusts that dildo in addition out of her pussy as pussy juices drip down to her asshole building until she explodes with another orgasm making her asshole pulse. She pulls the dildo out and slaps it on her pussy lips and you can hear just how wet she is. It cuts to Renee sitting up with just the hitachi on her clit she says You want me to cum again huh? You want me to be a naughty little slut for you? Her body twitches as pleasure builds. She says Oh daddy, fuck you’re gonna make me cum again. It feels so good as her body convulses. She says Oh fuck. Oh fuck me. I’m gonna cum so hard for you as her body twitches. Yes daddy. Rub that cock for me while I fucking cum. You can see her cream leaking from her pussy as she builds to another orgasm. Now she is laying on her side with her leg up in the air vibing her clit. You can see her pussy pulsating as she says Oh my god. I’m gonna cum again. Oh my god that feels so good. She cries out Oh yes. That feels so good as she squirts down her leg with another orgasm. She sits up saying Holy fucking shit I hope you came for me daddy. I squirted. I’ve been a bad girl. She says I love doing that. I just wanna do it again. She spreads her legs and spits on her fingers rubbing it on her pussy saying I’m such a little slut. Look how pink that pussy is for you. She starts her hitachi again rubbing her clit with it moaning loudly and shaking as she says Oh my god I’m gonna cum again. Her body trembles and shakes as she builds to another orgasm. She turns her hitachi off and puts it down saying I think I need to stop now. I feel like you came a while ago. She lays back with her legs in the air saying Look how red my pussy is then sits up saying Holy fucking shit. I just wanted to say thank you for cumming to me, with me. I love this little schoolgirl outfit. Let me know if you want a more thorough roleplay with it as she spanks her ass. Have a good night baby.
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